stacking up

November 27, 2014


What is up with this Boat Noodle business?!

I’m sooo addicted I’m there almost every other day, guys! It’s getting embarrassing when the guys working there wave at me. I wave back, head down and all. Just don’t make eye contact, go straight to the table and scribble your order on the provided orders sheet.

I think it’s just the fun of stacking of those RM1.90 bowls and see how high your “tower” will get. And even if you’re not hungry, this place is nice to just hang out with your friends while you eat just 1 or 2 bowls. (The bowls are TINYYYY, like literally two spoonfuls of noodles for your mouth.) The food is not bad, but oh man the MSG for sureeee…

Baby M seems to love this place and it’s really bugging Dean who is really sick of it by now. Haha. #sacrifices #sorrydaddy #pregnancycravings #justbehappyimnotcravinglobsters