two meaningful dresses

November 25, 2014

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When you see a loved one doing well in life, your first reaction must be a smile and you should always continue to make doa for her happiness in this life and hereafter. That’s what I love about having my close group of friends; AVA, the ducks, and a few other close girlfriends. I just always feel the love and sincerity, and we’re all always rooting for one another.

For today, please allow me to gush over my bff Asma’.

She’s one of those people who will pray for you and not feel the need to flaunt it all over town. She’s one of those who has crazy talents, but thinks nothing of herself and credits it all to God. She’s one of those who consoles you on a hard day, without you knowing that she’s had an even worse day than you. She doesn’t need to tell you her woes, that she will usually keep for her time with God. I could go on and on, but I might barf soon so let’s keep it short. Hehe.

I know that her passion has always been fashion. On top of juggling her full-time business Gateauxlicious and dealing with crazy gorgeous cakes all day (and bridezillas too!), her love for blogging, bits and pieces of FashionValet’s buying department, traveling, and her own personal life (having clingy bffs like Toots and I probably doesn’t help her stress!), I am so so proud to announce her latest designation. Gahhh so much going in her life, I can’t help to share her happiness and make it my own too.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 7.32.07 AM

She is now also the fashion designer for fast-rising Muslimah label Love To Dress, owned by her also hardworking sister.

And I’m proud to announce that her first designs are readyyyy.

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And I’m even prouder to announce that FashionValet will be stocking these dresses tomorrow! I mean, these dresses… my best friend designed them!!! Months ago, she sketched these exact dresses on a piece of paper only and now they’ve come to life!! And I have them hanging in my closet right now, ready for me to wear after I give birth hehe. This is only the beginning of her, trust me guys. Toots and I really can’t wait to see what else that brain can come up with in the next collections to come.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 7.31.39 AM Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 7.31.54 AM

If having Asma’ designing them isn’t convincing enough for you, you might also want to know that ALL PROCEEDS of these dresses will be given to Viva Palestina to specifically fund the women of Gaza to start their own businesses and rebuild lives for themselves. It’s such a beautiful project, that FV immediately wanted to sign up for. We’re not taking a single cent from the sales, and it makes us so happy knowing that we can help Love To Dress realise this beautiful project. Everytime you wear one of these 2 dresses, always remember the women of Gaza and hopefully it will put a smile on your face knowing that you have helped their lives in one way or another.

Congrats, Love To Dress, for this brilliant project!!

Own a piece of this LTD Gaza Project tomorrow, at FashionValet.