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December 30, 2014

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Oh didn’t see you there!

 Excuse me, I was just having a nice cup of hot chocolate with biscuits, with a good read in my bathrobe.

 So I’ve been having a reallyyyyyy good day.

 *bites biscuit*

 Wanna know why?

 *sips hot choc*

 Hehe, annoying am I not?

 Ok ok seriously, after this P&G #StayBeautiful campaign that dUCk and I are involved in, Dean has been extremely sweet to me. Mission accomplished! Hehe.

I also heard that non-mothers also understood a lot about what mothers go through. Daughters are writing sweet captions on Instagram for their moms and ahhh this made me so happy! Thanks for all your support by hashtagging us on Instagram! Some I found:


Here’s the video in case you need a reminder!


Dean said he has always appreciated me but he understood more than ever how a mom sacrifices herself, juggling work, wife duties, mom duties. So he decided to give me the “Gift of Time” by giving me a nice pampering time in a nice hotel in town. Just minutes before this, I was soaking myself in a nice warm bath. Ahhhhh, it feels sooo good to be appreciated. And I really hope you told your hubbies about this #StayBeautiful campaign because sometimes, our hubbies need to hear it from someone or something else. If we say it, it’s just “nagging”.


As much as I would love this pampering to never end, I would also like to remind all women that just as much as we want to be appreciated, we must appreciate our other halves too. I hope your husband is awesome to you, because I know mine is to me. And he is showing me so much love that I never want to take him for granted. Yes I am tired and I need my rest. But who said our husbands aren’t tired too?!

Maybe little things we do can show them we too appreciate them. Taking care of our appearance and bodies, speaking in kind loving tones, making a drink for them when they come home. I want to make sure Dean always looks forward to coming home and seeing Daniel and I.

One simple thing I can think of is… taking care of my hair! Since Dean is the only guy in the world who can feel and touch my hair, I have to make sure it’s worth it! Wearing the hijab doesn’t mean I have to hide my hair and take it for granted, if anything, it forces me to take better care of it.


So far, Pantene has not failed me. I don’t feel humid in my headscarf and I feel clean all day. When I go home and take off my scarf, I just have to fluff my hair and it looks decent again for Dean.

A trusted brand that’s been in the market for a long time, I’m sure many women out there agree that it does the nourishing and protecting job splendidly. All of Pantene’s shampoo and conditioner contain Pro-Vitamins to help prevent and repair damage. Hair is sooo important to us women, hijab or not, and it really can set our mood for the rest of the day. Bad hair = bad mood = bad day = angry at the world. You get the connection, right? Hehe.

So my daily routine; wake up, wash hair, dry hair, wear scarf, go about my life, go home, take off scarf, fluff hair, greet Dean with small swishes of my long hair pretending I’m the girl in the commercial. (Dean usually asks if something is wrong, when I do that… so unappreciative of my sexy efforts pfttt!)

Speaking of scarves, hope you’ve gotten your hands on the FREE dUCk recently! Buy any P&G products (Pantene included) worth RM 40 and you’ll get to redeem the #StayBeautiful scarf.

(Please note that this scarf is not part of the Premium dUCk line sold on FashionValet. This is a special one-off scarf in collaboration with P&G only.)

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.37.48 PM 

P&G has released the black version recently and also added outlets where you can get your free dUCk. Apart from Watson’s and Tesco nationwide, you can also find this #StayBeautiful promotion at other major retailers such as Mydin, Giant, AEON and AEON Big!

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Some pics taken from dUCk’s instagram.

Have fun with it and hope you will feel beautiful, as you are!