happy birthday to me

December 11, 2014

It’s my birthday todayyyy!

I am officially 27 18 years old.

So for my birthday, Dean so sweetly asked what I’d like as my present.

Standard wife opening line, I answered, “Nothing at all, Sayang. Just your love is enough for me.”

Yeah he didn’t buy that line. I wouldn’t have either. I mean, just his love? Come on, I can’t even flatlay that.

 “No really, be serious. Do you want a handbag? New shoes?”

I thought about it long and hard before politely declining. I have a wardrobe spilling with things that now I really don’t need any more material things to be honest. And we’re about to buy a house and have two kids soon, it’s really not the time to spend on big-ticket items. Dean needs all the savings he can keep.

SUCH A GOOD WIFE, GUYS. Like seriously, 27 18 is maturing me already, isn’t it?

Dean kept on guessing what I wanted. In the end, he even resorted to, “You want romance, don’t you?”

Tettttt. No. Rolls eyes.

“Ok, I do want one thing…”

“What is it? I will get it for you.”

“I really really really… want a massage from you. Over here got so much pain…” I whined as I showed him my lower back. “You know… pregnant with your second child and all…”

“Ok yeah sure!” Dean said cheerfully, realizing this was easy, would last for only 2 minutes max, and not going to cost him any money.

“But the catch is that you have to massage me whenever I ask for it, and there is no time limit. And it doesn’t matter if football is starting on TV or whatever. Massage time means full on concentrate on wife massage time..”

Slowly a reluctant “Ok…” came out from his mouth, along with a forced smile.

I bet he wished I wanted a handbag.

Anyway, since I’m so selfless and mature this year, I’d like to share love with you guys as well. FashionValet team is so sweet, they’re honoring my birthday on the website *Cries tears of happiness*. In conjunction with my birthday (11 Dec), they’re giving 11% off STOREWIDE. Just for today! So if there’s anything you’re eyeing, go ahead and use me guys. Go ahead, I don’t mind.

From the FV team to you (and me, I guess):

girlboss birthday

Use me now.