in and out

December 14, 2014

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Toots had a little complication with her appendix and had it removed this week, so Asma’ and I have been in and out of the hospital every single day. This week’s routine! Like any true friends, we’d sneak in yummy food and magazines (hospital magazines are so limited, I had no choice but to buy her a recipe magazine. She did not appreciate that at all). She’s fine now and laughing again (shortly after, regretting it because her stitches hurt), so don’t worry! Alhamdulillah, it’s all good now. We were really worried when she went under GA, and we were just waiting anxiously for updates for when she would wake up. I couldn’t really sleep the night she went into the OT. Thank God everything went smoothly.

One of those visits (post-surgery when we knew everything was ok, of course!!), I was desperate for an OOTD post so I shoved the camera to Asma’ when we were walking back to the car. She understood me and without a word, she did her thing and started clicking and directing. After 5 mins and countless stares from the security guard, we were done.

“Do you think Toots would be embarrassed we did an OOTD outside?” Asma’ asked me.

“Pleaseeee! She knows she has crazy friends.”

And yes she does know that, she tells us all the time. Hehe.

Oh, and thank you for not shooing us away, Mr. Security Guard!

Wearing a tunic top from Kivee, necklace from Cucito and mixed crepe scarf from dUCk, all from FashionValet. Pants from Zara, sunnies from RayBan, bag from Louis Vuitton and shoes from Celine.