love is in the air

December 7, 2014


Love was definitely in the air today.

I was lucky enough to witness two wonderful ladies in my life get married and it was awesome to be part of their special days today. I even watched my first Christian wedding walk-down-the-aisle-exchange-vows-and-say-I-do today and it was sooooo beautiful. I’ve only seen these in movies so to be there in real life was surreal. When they read their vows out loud, all of us were just wiping tears off our cheeks. Though exchanging vows is not the Muslim culture, it was still beautiful to listen to Kim and Jason pour out their feelings to each other and make promises to love one another till death do they part. And then at night, Sara and Jason (also!) gave their own speeches that made me shed tears too. PEOPLE NEED TO STOP BEING EMO AROUND PREGNANT WOMEN. Make-up was such a waste today. *mascara running down my cheeks*

Dean and I were among the firsts in our circles to get hitched, so it’s really nice to see that slowly but surely, one by one, our friends are getting off the market too. Whenever they ask for marriage advice from us, we just shrug and go YOLO. Hehe. Really, I have no idea what makes a successful marriage, but I am so so blessed that Dean and I are always very much in love. At the two weddings today, Dean kept kissing my head and I kept snuggling up to him, much to our friends’ disgust. Hehe. I guess both of us just felt the love in the air and remembered moments of our own wedding. Weddings are beautiful because they not only celebrate the newlyweds, but also serve as reminders to the other married couples there too. As we were being told of what’s important in a marriage, to honor and respect each other, to get closer to God together, to be loyal to one another, it just reminded me to never take my wonderful husband for granted. I pray that my friends go through the same thing with their partners, if not better! Congratulations to all newlyweds and may God always bless you with love and happiness.