outdoor wedding

December 8, 2014

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And one sweet BTS pic:


My hero.

Like I said, Kim’s wedding was a complete waste of my makeup. I seriously can’t wait for her to blog about it so you can see the gorgeous details, the floral bicycle, the coconut ice cream booth, the fairy lights, the rosette tablecloth, oh man… I’d say “I do” to Jason just for the wedding. I totally get why she had to quit her job to plan this wedding. Haha. When they read their vows, all of the guests were sniffing and my not-so-cool husband was one of the bad-shape ones constantly pouring tears. I had to wipe his cheeks to save him from further embarrassment. I cried too because their speeches were sooo moving, to the point that I almost wish I could redo my wedding and give emotional speeches too! Haha. Asked Dean if we could have a vow ceremony next week and force FashionValet people to come and watch. I’m that sad.

Anyway, due to the tear fest, I was pretty much red-faced and swollen-eyed throughout this ootd. So please just ignore the face and focus on the outfit. Hehe. I wore wedges since I knew it was going to be an outdoor wedding, that was definitely a good decision! Kim’s rule was pastel. I know, right… brides are so annoying. I’m already huge and pregnant with limited wardrobe that can fit – now she narrows it down even more. Thank God I found this Ria Miranda skirt that had drawstrings so I could adjust it to however skinny or fat I get. I paired it with a Zara cropped top made from knit material – that was not a good decision for a hot outdoor wedding!

I’ll leave you my outfit details below in case you like anything. Now I’m going to go back to working on my post-wedding vow that the FV people will be forced to listen to soon.

Skirt from Indonesian pastel queen Ria Miranda (the whole brand is on 50% off now), contact lenses from Lofalens and wedges from ShoesShoesShoes, all three from FashionValet. Scarf from dUCk’s latest collection that hasn’t launched yet, crop top from Zara, bag and necklace from Chanel.