December 7, 2014

Remember my first pregnancy, Dean kept poking my bellybutton and going “What does this button do?” and would laugh so much like it’s so funny. Well, nothing’s changed with this pregnancy. My belly button is now showing (which I’m not happy about!) and when we’re in the lift together, he’d go “Which floor will this button take us?”. Poke. Laugh uncontrollably.


So insensitive I should let the lift doors hit him on the way out.

The third trimester symptoms are kicking in. You know, peeing countless times a night, sleeping difficulties, heartburn, looking more and more like a whale… and this scorching Malaysian weather really isn’t helping. Underneath my long-sleeved top, my scarf inner, my scarf, and Daniel clinging on to my neck all the time, I seriously get pissed off when the aircond isn’t on full blast. I’m a moody blob you wouldn’t want to be near, really.

But Dean doesn’t have a choice, does he? He did this to me, anyway.

So yesterday he jokingly said, “Whoa, had a big lunch?” pointing to my baby bump.

“That’s it, I’m teaching you a lesson!” I exclaimed to him.

So I went to the supermarket today.

And bought a pomelo.






I congratulated him on the pregnancy and told him he looked radiant. He said thank you.

“You’re going to sleep with this pomelo so that you know how uncomfortable it is for me to sleep.”

“What?! No way, that’s ridiculous.”

“Excuse me… I don’t have a choice ok. I can’t go Oh I feel uncomfortable, let me pause this pregnancy and put it back in tomorrow morning. So you can’t pick and choose either.”


It’s only been 10 minutes and he’s sighed twice while adjusting his pomelo.

Teeheeeeee… this is going to be the best night of my life.

I should’ve bought a bigger pomelo.