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December 17, 2014 • 32 comments • 3139 views

I don’t usually post up my media features on my blog like I did last time. Simply because I don’t really see a point, but this one I have to blog about because it’s a really special one. Astro has this TV programme called Raikan Wanita where they select 10 women in Malaysia to feature a 30-minute episode on. You can imagine I almost fell off my chair when they called me.

The shoot was longer than usual shoots. It ran over 2 days and I was pretty exhausted! (No chance to be a big reality TV star here, guys haha)

The most special part is when they interviewed my family and best friends. I was cringing, scared for all the embarrassing growing up stories to be spilled on national TV. This was the first time my parents agreed to be interviewed so publicly in their home so I was extremely grateful that they did it for me. The whole time they were being interviewed, I really wanted to cry. I was overwhelmed by all the good things they had to say, and them bringing up childhood memories… oh man, I was ready to pack my bags and move in with them again. Hehe.

The other interviewees were Toots and Asma’, my sister, and my dUCk GM. Oh, were they excited to spill all the beans!

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“She’s a total phone addict. It’s easier to whatsapp her to get a response.”

“She should really eat vegetables.”

“She was very naughty growing up.”

“If she didn’t get a toy that she wanted, she would throw a tantrum.”

And a big shoutout to my assistant Kyun and make-up artist Teyn for also being there the whole time to show support.

The reason I’m telling you about this is because the series debuts tonight and my episode is the first episode!! *hides underneath blanket* I hope we all will enjoy the show and if I suck guys… just switch off the TV and don’t say anything ok! *books plastic surgery appointment*


Ok see you guys later TODAY at 9.30pm for Raikan Wanita on Astro Prima and Maya HD.