the “last” surprise

December 19, 2014

“No more surprises after this one, guys. We’re getting way too old for this!”

Is the statement we will always say after each of our surprise. Toots, Asma’ and I… we’re a funny bunch. We complain about the work we have to do to plan for each other’s special days (birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers) but deep inside we must love doing it because we keep doing it every time! I think we love each other wayyyy too much, yuck.

Last year for my birthday, I walked in to my house and was greeted with monochrome streams of helium balloons, black and white plate settings and a posh monochrome cake for me to blow. It was awesomeeee!

But of course, the lunch ended with both Toots and Asma’ saying “This is the last surprise we’re ever throwing you.”

I really did believe them.

This year on my birthday, Toots had just undergone her appendix operation and instead of our usual sleepover stay-cation, we decided to celebrate with her in her home. She is still recovering from her painful stitches and isn’t even allowed on the stairs, let alone into our cars for us to sneak her out. So you know, I sacrificed my birthday hoopla and opted for the right thing to do; being a good friend fluffing her pillow and feeding her porridge.

So you can imagine my surprise when I walked into her room and my two best friends shouted “SURPRISE!!!”. There, before me, was a beautiful table setting for three and the most meaningful birthday cake I could ever imagine. The glamorous sequin tablecloth and posh plate setting made me feel like we were in some 5-star restaurant but when the Maggi Kari came, I felt right at home as we all slurped our instant noodles with our legs crossed on the chair. It was the perfect afternoon for me, being with the two of them. One with stains on her scarf, and the other with appendix stitches; I love them… stains and stitches and everything in between.

Thank you, God, for the most amazing friendship.

Let me share with you pictures of the cake Gateauxlicious made for me.

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photo 5

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photo 2

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Wearing blue cardigan from Cottonese, top from Shopatvelvet, skirt from When Our Eyes Met and the new peachskin headscarf from dUCk, head to toe from FashionValet

And of course, before I left my little private party, the two of them said “This is the last surprise! We’re too old for this.”

I already know they’re planning my “surprise” baby shower, guys.