99 months

January 15, 2015

It was our 99-month anniversary yesterday!

As usual, we planned nice things… a movie, dinner at Nobu, romantic exchanging of presents…

The reality… ordered Chili’s at home while we watched Daniel stuff his face with fries and laughed. We glanced at each other both having that same knowing look – that we’re the luckiest two people in the world, having such a blessed life full of love and a beautiful son (who we should actually shower now because he has fries bits all over him….).

If previously, exchanging of presents meant the opening of beautiful boxes with ribbons… exchanging presents now meant him giving his pregnant wife a back and foot massage until I fell asleep.

Life… is simply wonderful with my man.

Happy 99-months of being in love, Dean!


No we weren’t actually holding hands. I needed a sweet picture of us and Dean was asleep on the couch. So I slid my hand there and snapped this picture. He still has no idea. 

“Whoa baby, we’re going to be 100 months next month!”

“No more 2-digits! We’re entering 3 digits now!”

“Whoa… are we ready for this? Are we moving too fast?”