a good son

January 26, 2015

So we had dinner at Shook! tonight and guess who walked past?


Dean and I adore him and after going to his concert, we would marry him. Not only does he have amazing talent, but he’s also such an awesome entertainer. I originally wanted him to sing at our wedding but my dad told me to fly kite.

Anyway, we were trying to act cool and whatnot, pretending not to care that we were breathing the same air… you know, whatever. But Daniel was just plain rude.

He looked like this.

photo 1

Sit up straight, dude! My goodness, how can you be more interested in your fries?!

Anyway, I realised since I gave birth to Daniel, I could actually use him as I please. How cool would it be if Daniel walks to their table, and a few seconds later, his mom (with freshly applied lipstick) comes to get him and goes “Oh my goodness, I’m soooo sorry my son disturbed your dinner.” And Michael would say “Oh no, it’s ok! Come let’s take a photo.” And we would have a family portrait; me, Michael, Daniel and Dean (if he must be included).

So I kept telling Daniel to go walk around. He was more interested in his dinner, but after we stopped giving him food, I think he got the hint.

photo 5

Good boy, Daniel.

Now turn left. Turn left!