all moms go through this

January 1, 2015

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It might have been the Boyz II Men song playing in the background, but as I spring cleaned Daniel’s clothes and shoes today, I couldn’t help but weep a little. Seeing all these newborn clothes that I vividly remember when and where he wore (I have that talent guys seriously… I can remember what you wear head to toe, that’s how I identify people from my memory haha), it really brought me back to the countless memories I had with Daniel in the first year of his life.

I wanted to clear his old clothes to see if there can be any hand-me-downs for Baby M (sorry, but that’s how it works with second, third, fourth, fifth children, doesn’t it?) so I had to ransack his whole wardrobe to select which ones to keep for Baby M and which ones to give away to the flood victims on the Malaysian Peninsular East Coast. Oh, those cute tiny little onesies Daniel used to wear… And I used to cuddle him in my arms and we would just gaze into each other’s eyes. No such moments now, guys. He totally squirms and wants to get away from me especially if the TV is on.

How. Time. Flies. Like seriously, one year just went whooshhhhh before my eyes. And before I know it, Mommy is being replaced by toys… and then friends from school… and then girlfriend/fiancee/wife… and then work and career. Sigh… it’s a life cycle, isn’t it? Our moms went through the exact same thing, and I can imagine my mom, many years ago, sitting and folding my old baby clothes to give away. Just like what I’m doing now.

All moms go through this, I have to remind myself.

But if you do come up with any freezing time device, please email me.

Oh btw Happy New Year!!! I had an awesome celebration with Dean and Daniel, all dressed up in our lush pyjamas and party hats, snoring away in bed. We are one happening family, let me tell you that. Anyway, I was going to write a deep 2014 reflection post, but Daniel’s old clothes totally threw me off my writing mood and now I would just like to spend some time kissing him all over. Brb!