eyes on the prize

January 16, 2015

As I write this, I am on my back on the floor because this seems to be the only comfortable spot.

I have peed 8 times in the past hour and my heartburn has made me want to puke like mad tonight (should not have had curry for dinner). And the worst thing about acid reflux is that once you puke, more puke will want to come out throughout the night. So I have been in and out of the toilet puking bit by bit, and my poor throat is very tired of it all. I might as well sleep on the toilet floor tonight.

I would gladly vent at Dean right now since he did this to me, but he’s had such a long day at work I will just let him rest tonight. And Daniel has been a good listener so far but even he is fast asleep now. So I will just turn to you, my very kind and patient blog reader who has to read my whines and pains.

The whole pregnancy journey this second time round has been pretty easy, actually. But just like Daniel’s time, the last couple of months are the worst for me. Backache, heartburn, hot flushes, praying on the chair, puking… I can’t even sleep anymore without changing spots from the bed to the sofa to the armchair to the floor. I’m lucky if I can sleep 4 hours a night these days. If you recorded me and fast-forwarded me moving from one spot to another, I seriously could pass off as a comedy scene. Workwise, I’ve been taking it slow like I said I would in my previous blogpost. But I do come into the office for a while everyday and I would sigh in exhaustion and waddle my way around the office. One of my colleagues just got pregnant and I’m like “So you signed up for this??”, hands supporting my back and panting like mad. Haha totally scared the crap out of her.

Oh well. Every pregnant woman goes through this and the only thing we can comfort ourselves with is that at the end of this all, we will be blessed with a beautiful child, Insyaallah. And it will all be worth it. Eyes on the prize!

And plus, when you’re in pain, your sins are being cleansed.

I must have a lot of sins. *cries a river*