getting mad

January 5, 2015

Getting mad.

We’re all human. We get annoyed at things. Sometimes it’s really that person’s fault but sometimes it’s really not and we’re just having a bad day.

Some people lash out on their social media accounts with all sorts of bad words that I never even knew existed. Some people zikir, some people cry, some people sleep, some people keep it inside, everyone has different ways of doing things.

For me, I turn to my loved ones.

And more often than not, that is the best choice when I’m really mad.

Tonight, I was annoyed at something but I wasn’t sure why the feeling was more amplified than usual. I don’t get annoyed easily, I kind of just brush things off, but tonight, I was annoyed. Like I actually wanted to say something, but I calmed myself down and went straight to my phone to tell Toots and Asma’, seeking for their advice. (Usually I’d go to Dean first because he is seriously calm and rational when it comes to problems, but he was watching Top Gear so he had a huge imaginary red DND bubble around him). With my 2 bffs, they are the type that never encourages anger and they would reason things out, so I knew I would be getting good advice. True enough, I did. From being annoyed at that something, I realise that something has wayyyy more good than bad, and I ended up wanting to love that something even more. (That’s a lot of somethings in the sentence haha).

Anyway, my point is…. when you get angry, don’t act on impulse because more often than not, you will regret it 5 minutes later. Words might be uttered that are irreversible, or worse, the relationship might just be ruined. Take a deeeeeeep breath, and ask yourself these questions:

1) About them: What did that person actually do? Did he/she do it intentionally? Could it just be his/her character to do/say those things?

2) About you: Why am I feeling annoyed by it? Did I have a bad day myself? Am I feeling hormonal?

3) The bigger picture: Is it really worth my time to be angry about it? Don’t I have other things to do?

Ok those are a lot of questions and I don’t know if you’d have time to answer before lashing out anyway. Like screaming would be wayyyy faster, no? Hahaha.

But no seriously… always RATIONALISE with yourself. That will set you apart from the short-tempered angry people we always meet out there. We really don’t need more of those in this world. So, always practise sabar.