help to rebuild

January 6, 2015

So for lunch I had a big meal in an air-conditioned restaurant with my friends. I even burped (usual thing now with third trimester) and said Oh I’m so full. Then I went home to familiarity and peace.

Then I just realised how insensitive I was being.

People out there aren’t even having such a fulsome lunch, let alone lunch! And we don’t have to look very far, it’s already happening to the flood victims in our own country. The flood has subsided, but now is the crucial time – the recovery.

Can you imagine losing everything? Your house, your roof, your car, your clothes, your EVERYTHING. Subhanallah, only Allah knows the reason behind all this. May God give them strength and ease to get through this, and whatever little we can do, let’s help them rebuild their lives again.


Screenshot_2015-01-05-17-5 copy

Amazing efforts by my bff Toots and her sisters. So proud of her for this! Read more about their efforts here.

And please donate if you can.