moms and the new era

January 18, 2015

Moms are hilarious when they try to understand tech stuff.

Only recently we got my mom a smartphone which she actually uses and not keep in the drawer. So now I like to video call her to show her what Daniel’s doing and all. But guess what. She picks up the phone and puts it to her ear.



“Ma, this is a video call. You can actually see me. Right now I can only see a closeup of your ear.”

“What do you mean? I can’t see you.”

“Yes you can. You need to put the phone in front of you so you can see the screen.”


*Insert a long 5-minute conversation to explain the video call concept. *

“Ehhhh. Macam mana V buat ni?” And she giggles at this whole technology. “Ehhhh boleh tengok dah sekarang. Ish Mommy tak pakai tudung ni, nanti orang tengok. Tunggu sat Mommy pergi pakai tudung.”

“Noooo, no need. No one can see this except for us.”

“Ish Mommy tak faham la video call ni. V call back like normal.”

Hangs up.


On another occasion, Daniel was about to leave my parent’s house. And as usual, we make him salam and kiss everyone in the house.

“Daniel, salam Kakak.” He goes and salams the maid.

“Daniel, kiss Mak Long, go!” He goes and kisses my sister.

My mom, from the other side of the kitchen, shouts to him. “Daniel, wait!! Come here and Frenchkiss Opah please?” while she does a bit of an innocent dance with her arms for him. She obviously doesn’t know what she just said. But we were all standing there red cheeks and all.

It was absolutely hilarious. Even Daniel just stood and look at his grandma, half stunned and probably half scared.

“Ma, I think you meant flying kiss.”


My mil is slightly cooler, thank God. She has instagram and all that jazz. And she actually replies her whatsapps unlike my mom who will reply you after you have called her to ask her to check it. My mil is soooo good with her smartphone that she has more tech acronyms and shortcuts than i can even understand. But man… her hashtags. I need to work on her hashtags…




Your daughter.