January 10, 2015

Few months (or was it weeks?) I made Dean put a pomelo under his shirt to know how I feel.

photo 1

Now, I will ask him to put this if he makes fun of me again.

photo 2

Because this is exactly how I feel. Like a hugeeee watermelon. I could easily be mistaken for a penguin nowadays.

I’ve been stretching myself to do as much work and take on as many projects as possible since I’m close to the end of the pregnancy (Baby M might come out next month). After this, 2 months of prison i.e. confinement. So I want to use as much as my time now to complete whatever needs to be done. Interviews, shoots, projects, meetings, anything work-related!

But I had a video shoot today and man… I was tired.

There were a few scenes that involved walking in the hot sun and I was melting everywhere. I was panting a lot, and I was trying to smile and go on, but I knew inside I was feeling exhausted. So I promised myself that this will be the last shoot and I will be slowing down on meetings and whatnot next week onwards. I realise that after this I will be having TWO kids climbing all over me. So I think I just want to focus on myself for this next month and be like a normal person who takes maternity leave!

So guys… here’s to sleeping all day!

(And I suddenly have a weird craving for watermelon right now…)