betul ke sakit?

February 9, 2015

So it was 10pm at home and I was doing some work on excel sheets. Dean was right in front of me doing the same. Except his Excel sheet had more columns and rows and looked really… really… boring.

I felt a tight pain in my uterus and thought OMG I’M GOING TO GIVE BIRTH NOW OK STAY COOL STAY COOL.

I ignored it for a while but the pain kept coming back. I never really felt contractions or had the whole water breaking drama since Daniel was induced with epidural, remember? (My delivery to Daniel was awesomeeee, guys!) So I thought this must be a contraction. I remember people telling me if the pain keeps coming back every few minutes, that’s a sign of labor.

5 minutes passed. Pain again. 5 minutes passed again. Pain again.


Dean and I rushed to the hospital and even in the car, I was making breathing exercises that seriously… if you saw me from the car window and didn’t see my tummy, you would think this woman has facial issues. It was painful!

As soon as we got to the labor ward and the nurse strapped on the CTG monitor device to check for contractions… the pain disappeared. Totally disappeared.

Krik.. krik.. krik…

Like uh hello, Baby M… a second ago we were about to give birth. Now IN FRONT OF ALL THE NURSES, you decide to change your mind and sleep?!! Kamonnnnn!

“Uh… Puan… Puan betul ke sakit ni? Takde apa-apa pun…”

“Ish, betul la!”

Gahh!! Sooooo embarrassing as Dean and I walked back to the car, dragging our arms and my protruding belly button home.

Still pregnant, guys.