a meaningful picture

February 16, 2015

I was scrolling through old photos and found this one meaningful picture.

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This was taken by Dean exactly a year ago when we were driving by a gorgeous glass building available for rent. We were both thinking the same thing; what a dream it would be to have the FashionValet office here.

A year later, we were moving boxes into this new space we now call home. This very space I was standing in this picture… is now ours.

We just moved recently and are still trying to slowly do up the place. It’s definitely improved staff morale and some even feel like they’re working in New York with the beautiful buildings and views around us. Makes them want to stay in the office longer. Haha.

It’s so so surreal and I am so grateful to God of course for blessing us, but also to Dean as the CEO always strategising to improve to bring FV and all of us to greater heights in the business world. In 2014, our revenue tripled under his leadership and I can only see it improving year to year, Insyaallah. Of course we had a lot of tough times, internally trying to grow almost 50 different characters under one roof and externally too, with plans falling through and also having to cut ties with certain vendors we found too difficult to work with. In business, real characters will come out and sometimes you will never see it coming. Oh, the disappointments Dean and I have had together, I wish I could tell you all of em! We’ve learnt so much in 2014. These may seem like really down times at the time, but looking back, it just made everything easier and smoother in the long run. So that’s a lesson for Dean and I to always focus on the bigger picture and our company direction, and never whine and complain. When you mix business with emotion too much, it clouds your judgment and you can never see objectively.

Keep working, be alert at all times and trust in God.

2015 is going to be an exciting year for sure. We made major changes in our outfit in order to evolve, and we are about to announce very big news sometime this month. I’m dyinggggg to spill the beans but I can’t yet until everything has been completed.

Anyway, I feel the need to share my happiness with you guys because it’s from this very blog that I got the confidence to start FV. I know it’s because of my followers, my customers and your support all these years that I’m able to grow. So, thank you and I hope you will continue to be here for me and keep me in your prayers always. God bless you!