preparing daniel for baby m

February 3, 2015

Nearer to labor, I’m spending a lot of time with Daniel on top of preparing for Baby M’s arrival. We include him in everything, from the buying of clothes to the trips to the doctor for scans and all. I’m not sure if he gets it enough to actually understand, but we’re doing it anyway just in case it does help him adjust to a new family member soon.

Daniel absolutely loves Mickey Mouse so for Baby M, we bought some Mickey clothes (soooo ugly guys, I can’t even…) so that he can relate to the baby later. And hopefully not want to step on her (yep, Baby M is a girl hehe, I announced it on instagram last weekend).

Some people advised us to carry a doll around like a baby so he gets used to the idea of me and Dean carrying another “person”. Good idea, but I can’t bring myself to walk around burping a freaky doll. So we’re still KIV-ing that idea for later.

I’ve been sleeping on the floor because I can’t seem to be comfortable anywhere else. Bed no, sofa no, I just need a hard surface for some reason. So anyway, the other night I had the most beautiful moment with Daniel. I thought I was dreaming of him, when suddenly I woke up and found him looking for me going “Mi? Mi?”. Maybe he woke up from a bad dream, but he seemed like in a hurry to come to me. And he fell in my arms, let out a soft sigh and snuggled up. We both soon fell asleep hugging each other on the floor till the morning came.I forgot all about my backache and Baby M (who moves like crazy in my uterus) even seemed to respect that moment between Daniel and I that she did not interrupt us at all.

I know that I will love and adore Baby M just as much but before her arrival very soon, I’m going to focus on Daniel. I just want to make sure he knows I love him very much and not feel like I love him less after Baby M comes.


This morning.

Sigh, firstborns…. they really do steal your hearts huh?