toink, toink

February 14, 2015

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So ready to pop, like these balloons!

The belly button is ruder this time round, though. Baby girls must be nosier or something. My belly button sticks out no matter what top I wear, making me look like I have a third nipple! So now I have resorted to cover it with a plaster. *cries*

I was checking it in front of the mirror this morning. “Is it obvious?” I asked Dean.

He decided to lie. “Of course not!” Then came nearer to me and pressed my belly button (which I hate btw… Dean and my sister love doing this to me, I hate them). “Toink, toink.” He says as a sound effect.


Some people are just begging to be smacked, aren’t they?

Dean is having so much fun with the pregnancy jokes now that it’s coming to the end already. He is on a rollllll just like how he was during the first pregnancy.

The other day, I came to him and said, “I’m soooo hungry.”

He looked at my belly. “Really? You look like you had more than enough for lunch.”


Then, we were at the pharmacy buying shampoo and stuff. He passed the pregnancy aisle and while I was carrying all the toiletries, he looked at me and said, “Hmmmm, maybe we should get one of these pregnancy tests. I think you’re pregnant.”

People around us looked really confused.

Forgive my husband, guys. He thinks he’s funny.