worst mother ever

March 9, 2015

Mariam is the complete opposite of how she was in my tummy. Inside me, she practically did somersaults all day and was so active I was so sure I was not going to get any sleep when she comes out. But I am so surprised that now she is like the nicest baby in the world.

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She only cries if she wants milk, if she pooped or if she’s really hot. Other than that, she’s so quiet. She sleeps all day and all night too, giving me ample rest. With Daniel, it was breastfeeding time every few hours! But with Mariam, I literally have to wake her up to feed her. And even then she goes mehhhh.

The other night, Dean and Daniel went to sleep early. I was with Mariam in the living room. She in her cocoon, me on my laptop doing some work. I was chomping on Daniel’s Koko Krunch (seriously breastfeeding makes you reallyyyyyy hungry) happily in between concentrating on the excel sheets of sales analysis. I was so engrossed in it, scrunching my eyebrows and in deep thought. Mariam who had her eyes opened and looking around for a while, just dozed off on her own behind me.

I think about 2 hours passed by.

Ok time to sleep, I told myself.

I got up, turned off the living room lights and tucked myself into bed.

Aaaahhhhh so nice to lie down and just sleep, I thought to myself. Slowly I closed my eyelids shut.

Was just about to doze off and then….. YA ALLAH, MARIAM!!!!

I hastily got up and raced to the living room.

There she was, unmoved, untouched, “un-awake”.

Phewww. Omg phewwww.

I carried her into her cot after kissing her all over and whispering Sorry.

Worst. Mother. Ever.