it’s the second baby

March 2, 2015


Honestly I couldn’t have asked for a better birthing partner in him. Well, I’d lose the hideous T-shirt, but I’ll find a way to find peace with it. The websites and books always tell you to choose your birthing partner carefully because you need someone you’re reallyyyyy comfortable with (seriously guys, butt-hanging-out-watch-you-pee-kind-of-sexy situation). And everyone just assumes their husbands should be the person, but actually a lot of people choose someone else to take into the labor room.

Anyway, when I’m nervous or scared, I always need someone who is “chill”. I can’t have someone telling me I can do it bla bla bla, because somehow that makes me more nervous. I need someone who changes the subject or act like it’s nothing. This kind of “support” actually helps me a lot – like as if what I’m about to do is no big deal and it’s easy peasy. So it tricks my mind that it’s easy peasy too.

We checked into the ward (#teaminduce) and the first night we settled in, we had so much fun together. We came with our hospital bags and at the counter, I was like “Hi, I’d like to check into my hotel room.” Made Dean laugh (not so much the nurses….) and that was the start of our relaxed, nonchalant night (well, until they stuck the induction pill up my thing at 1 am…). We watched series, we let me have all the ice cubes I wanted and ate KFC together.

And we made jokes about how for first babies, the husbands are always so nice but the niceness level goes down for the second and subsequent babies. So I warned Dean he better not be like that… and automatically he thought it would be funny to make jokes about it.

On the hospital bed, I asked him, “Hey, can you get me the guava juice in the fridge please? I’m thirsty.”

He gave me a pftttt face, “Get it yourself. It’s the second baby, don’t be lazy.”

He did the same thing when he dropped me off at the hospital entrance. “Here, take your bag. It’s the second baby, you don’t get special treatment anymore.”

Then while walking to the hotel room ward, Dean who was ahead of me, turned back and said, “Why you walking so slow? It’s the second baby, you should be walking faster.”


Don’t worry, I smacked the guava juice at him real good.