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March 2, 2015

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“MATRADE’s awesome, babe! Because of them, I was able to do my trade shows overseas!”

For your info, MATRADE or Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation is a national trade promotion agency under Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).

I didn’t hear this once, but many many times when I speak to local designers that we stock on FashionValet. Before this, I’ve never really bothered to find out what this government agency does but being in the fashion industry, our link is fortunately, inevitable. In fact, FashionValet has participated in a lot of MATRADE’s activities and even given talks about the e-commerce industry.

They’re pretty awesome, if you take time to find out what they can help you with!

dUCk lookbook-Final-30

Like with dUCk, I have always wanted it to be an international brand, proudly waving the Malaysian flag (or the KL skyline on our scarf haha) to the world.


And we are somewhat ready for export, if I’m not too busy fooling around in our warehouse hehe.

So MATRADE would be the agency I would go to, for further help.

And I think if you have a brand, you too can tap on MATRADE’s expertise and knowledge. The world is vast and can be scary if you are all alone, so that’s why you need to strategise and not just barge in. Don’t be scared to ask for information and help from MATRADE.

They’re not there to hold your hand to build a startup, but they’re very relevant if your company is export-ready meaning you have enough volume and have the capacity to export your goods overseas, thus growing your brand. With export comes in revenue for the country which leads to the economic well-being of the Malaysian nation.

How does MATRADE help?

1)   Facilitate services for Malaysian enterprises

2)   Formulate strategies to promote Malaysian exports overseas

3)   Give information about the requirements and standards a Malaysian exporter needs to know

4)   Assist Malaysian enterprises to establish presence overseas via international trade fairs, trade matching programmes etc

5)   Give trade advisory and support on up-to-date export matters

6)   Through programmes such as E-Trade, Youth Development Programmes and Outreach Programmes around Malaysia

Some of the activities they have been doing:

Arts Melbourne

Arts exhibition in Melbourne


Bringing local designers to showcase their collections in international fashion shows such as this one called INTRADE.

Initiative for SMEs photo

Trade fairs for SMEs

Young Exporters Forum

Talks and seminars

Minister MITI - Young Exporters Forum

MITI Minister, YB Dato’ Sri Mustapa Mohamed giving a speech at a forum


MATRADE’s MyExport app exclusively for MATRADE members

Specialised Marketing Mission on Aerospace to SIngapore

Specialised marketing mission on aerospace in Singapore

 And their latest one is the ASEAN BUSINESS FORUM 2015 which will be officiated by the Minister of International Trade and Industry himself, on this coming March 12th. Programmes involve panel sessions from successful exporters where they will share their challenges entering the overseas market, and even a consultation session focusing on smaller groups of interested exporters. I think it’s definitely worth going for. I would soooo gladly break my pantang period and come in my kain batik all, if my mom and mil would leave me for a few hours!

Get more info from their website, or better yet, give them a call! Never know where it could lead you and your brand to. Paris? London? New York? *drool*

And you know… when you’ve made it there… if you ever need an assistant to carry your bags or anything… I’m free. #justsaying