pills, always pills.

March 11, 2015

In the AVA group chat we always give each other daily updates of our lives. Toots has been soooo busy with projects at work that her updates are always hours delayed and filled with crying emoticons. Asma’ is busy enjoying life traveling here and there, and juggling her 2 jobs as cake lady and fashion designer.


“Oh I’m very busy right now. I have a meeting at 11 am with this Mariam lady, and at 12 pm I have a negotiation meeting with myself and some jamu I have to eat.”

Pantang life is so fun hehe.

My pantang lady is very thorough and she’s kind but strict. So she was telling me that she wants to blend some herbs together (scary words like turmeric and ginger came up in that sentence….) and I have to drink it. The thought of downing a glass of murky brown bits in my throat contracted my uterus. Like not kidding guys, I actually felt my uterus CONTRACT and go up.

“Uhhh… V tak makan semua tu…” I said weakly.

That was lame, V, lame… I told myself after saying that.

“Eh, kenaaaa. Kena makan untuk baik,” she said.

“Umm ok but takde dalam bentuk pil ke?” I negotiated.

“Pil ada jugak. Tapi effect dia lambat,” she replied.

“Oh takpe. V boleh tunggu. V memang selalu sabar orangnya. Pil ok?” 

I swear I heard her sigh.

But whatevs.

SCORE!!! WIN!!! No yucky brown drink.

Vivy – 1, Kind Pantang Lady – 0.

Pantang has made me such a patient person. *bats eyelids*