dainty vs not dainty

April 15, 2015

Mariam is one of the noisiest babies I know. I imagine her to be all dainty and elegant, but nooooo. She grunts in her sleep, she gulps milk down with actual chomp chomp chomp sound, and when she stretches after waking up, fuhhh ain’t nothing graceful about that girl! Haha.


I keep telling Dean, “Oooohh I can’t wait for her to wear this dress… and that dress… and these pink shoes… bla bla pink here pink there bla bla.”

And Dean’s reply, “How do you know she won’t be a tomboy?”

“How can she be?! I’ll be there to make sure she likes Barbie dolls and long hair and whatnot.”

“Mmm-hmmm, that I won’t doubt,” Dean smiles.

“She’s going to be super elegant, and beloved in people’s eyes,” and off I go daydreaming of the day she and I go shopping together.

But Dean, as the father, is probably picturing the headache daughters give fathers; the boys, the shopping, the make up, and the OMG SHUT UP NO YOU SHUT UP kind of friends. He is trying hard to keep Mariam as un-dainty as possible.

He looks at Mariam who btw is innocently lying down on the bed.

“Mariam, look, a dinosaur,” Dean holds up on of Daniel’s toys. “Roarrrrr!”

“Did you just Roarrrr our dainty daughter?” I was not impressed.

“Yeah…. Mariam, you like dinosaurs right? Roarrrrr. Roarrrr. Yuck Barbie, yuck.”

I rolled my eyes.

All of a sudden, Mariam… embarrassingly farts loudly.

“Mariam, whoa!” I was shocked, “Mariam, that was not graceful.”

Dean on the other hand, grinned from ear to ear, “Mariam, do it again. Fart some more. Boys love that.”


Dean is totally crushing my dreams here, guys.