dean’s 27th birthday

April 19, 2015

Dean’s birthday this year was special because there was a lot of “firsts” involved. First birthday in the new office, first birthday as a dad of two and some other firsts that I’d rather keep private. But basically, I was scratching my head on how to make it a memorable one for my dearest husband.

As all the other pranks I love to pull on Dean, Toots and Asma’, the ideas just come flooding at the last minute. He had his Man Of The Year award from AugustMan last year, and I remember the suave picture that he’s so shy about. When you tell me you’re shy about something, naturally I will blow it up real big for everyone to see. Teehee. So I decided I wanted to stick that picture all over FV to tell the world it was his birthday!

I played it cool, careful not to let any hint that anything’s happening as we drove together to work that morning. But I was frantically communicating with the FV team with updates like “Are you guys ready? I can’t stall him any longer, he’s getting suspicious!” or “Ok, I faked a stomachache and am now sitting on the toilet bowl staring at the wall. Hurry up!”

As soon as he arrived, everyone shouted “SURPRISE!!!!!” and judging from Dean’s face, I knew he had no idea at all.








IMG_2233 IMG_2238 IMG_2278

Literally everywhere, guys. Like people who didn’t know about us started googling us as they passed our building. It really was cheap advertising. Dean was so embarrassed hehe. But I also know that he felt really touched, to see all of the FV team members there celebrating him – they are his family too, so it meant the world to him that everyone was showing him love.

Like naughty kids, we skipped work for a couple of hours to watch a movie, Fast & Furious 7. Oh by “we”, I mean the whole FV team.


Our popcorn and hot dog orders were craycray.

At night, we had our usual family dinner with everyone.


Mariam was clearly the most excited one among us.


She totally slept through the whole thing, guys.


Dean told me it was an awesome birthday and that meant the world to me. Seeing my husband happy and surrounded by people he loves – his family, his colleagues, his best friends and most of all, his two children – I can’t help but feel the contentment shining through his eyes.

I love you, Dean. You are an amazing man and you deserve all kinds of happiness in this world and the hereafter, especially. I pray for this everyday for you. Happy belated 27th birthday, my love. To many many many more birthdays together.