getting back in shape

April 18, 2015


My shoe wardrobe; where sneakers go to die.

Losing the pregnancy weight is a tough thing, even for me. You probably can’t see it with my loose clothes nowadays haha, but I still have my flabs here and there from the pregnancy. I’m not back at my pre-pregnancy weight yet and everyday I curse the weighing scale for being irritating. “You on your period or what, you? Pissing people off all the time…” I’ve scolded it before. I’ve got 2 more kilos to go and I’m telling you the last 2 kilos are just the hardest!

I can’t control my food so much because I’m breastfeeding and if I do, I won’t produce enough milk for Mariam.

Mom issues: need to get back into shape post-pregnancy, can’t diet because still breastfeeding, can’t exercise because WHEN ON EARTH WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO GO TO THE GYM IN BETWEEN WORK AND GETTING GROCERY AND RUNNING AROUND AFTER DANIEL AND BREASTFEEDING MARIAM AND GETTING A SHOWER FOR MYSELF, FOR GOD’S SAKE.

Ok I’ve calmed down. Phewwww so good to get that out. Sorry I pressed you too hard, keyboard.

Anyway, by hook or by crook, I need to get in shape again… unfortunately for breastfeeding moms, exercise is non-negotiable since diet is not an option. Have to find time, after work, or 6 am with eyes closed at the gym. Die die must do!

Am considering my options now:

1) Gym – definitely will need a personal trainer since I have no self-discipline whatsoever. But the gym bores me to my bones and I’m the type of person who jumps for joy when my previous trainers said they can’t make it to today’s session.

2) Yoga – I’m not a big yoga person, but I heard it’s pretty slow, more for strengthening and not that good to lose flabs? Advice?

3) Body tone – the vibrating thing. My only worry is that it shakes your whole body so surely it’s not good for your insides, no? Advice?

4) Kickboxing – the last time I went for kickboxing, the boxing thingy didn’t even move when I kicked it. I was pretty embarrassed, I never went for a second class. If I choose this, I will have to choose a different kickboxing place where no prior judgments have been made of me. Haha.

Ok. So what would you guys choose to keep in shape?