graduated second pantang

April 1, 2015

It’s past 30 days of pantang, can you believe it?! As much as I complain, time really does fly.

I was telling Dean, “It’s already been 30 days! Wow pantang isn’t so bad this time round,” and he turned around and gave me a look, “That’s because you’re not really doing it properly.”

Touche. Good point. Hehe.

I just don’t think locking someone up in the house for 44 days is healthy, ok?! All doctors I’ve spoken to said it is best to just have the normal life without any restrictions, but know your body enough to know when to take it easy. Like all! Not even one doctor I’ve met said pantang is a must. Maybe that’s why women get postpartum depression, because they sweat in smelly herbs all day, and they don’t see the sun. -__-“

So yes, the real situation for me was that I did all the pantang routines (like urut, tungku, tangas, mandi daun, param, eat jamu, wear socks at home, wear corsets – yes PLURAL), but I allowed myself to go out for 1 or 2 hours a day if I wanted to. Not really for work, but for stress-free things like lunch with AVA or a date with Dean or just to see oneeeee shop in a mall. All these things are classified under “Doctor’s appointments” should my confinement lady or mom asks. Teehee. Obviously my mom lectured me, but she also knows me well enough that I’m the most degil daughter she has. God bless you, Ma, love youuuu. Hehe.

My pantang day started at 5 am. I would pump for half hour, and my confinement lady would arrive at 5ish. Urut (massage) started at 6 am, then tangas (kinda like a sauna down there while you sweat like crazy), tungku (hot stone compress), mandi daun (shower with herbs and all), corset time (where she will wrap me up realllll tight I can barely move). Then my confinement lady would shower Mariam. Then cooked my lunch and dinner, and off she went. She was pretty awesome, this lady.

IMG_0185 IMG_0187 IMG_0193

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Alhamdulillah, my stitches have healed and Doctor said everything is looking good. There is still a little pooch I’d like to get rid of (apparently harder to lose after 2nd and consequent babies, boooo) but other than that, I’m feeling great.

Pantang is usually 44 days, but since this is my second child, I give discount a bit.

30 days. I’m done!


Come on Mariam, wake up, let’s go see the worldddd!


I’ve been getting a lot of enquiries about my confinement lady. I would really recommend her, so if you’d like to book her – Cikyah 013-2422575.