jim the clown

April 5, 2015

Toots turned 28 this week.

As usual, we love to make it special for one another. Special = totally embarrassing. Seriously, we’re really just little children inside….

It was a working day and Toots works in a corporate environment where everything is serious and well… proper. Last birthday, Asma’ and I stood with balloons and sombrero hats at the Petronas lobby waiting for her. So this time, it’s gotta be worse.


Imagine a clown for hire standing next to her while she awkwardly does paperwork and go for meetings? HILARIOUS!!

And of course, Asma’ being Asma’, got the job done. She found this on google:


Ohhh Jim The Clown, where have you been all my life?! Haha.

We seriously considered the idea but we thought poor Jim will just be escorted out by Petronas security guards. So fine, abort mission. BUT we told Toots that Jim The Clown will be coming. So let us know when he pops by into your office.

She freaked out the whole day, probably always looking behind her to see if a clown has just walked into her office. “Guys, stop it. Seriously, guys. Did you really book a clown to follow me around?” Paranoid birthday girl messaged. We just answered “Just let us know when he arrives. We paid for whole day rental so he should be there soon.”


Jim the Clown didn’t come of course.

But Vivy the Best Friend did.

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At the Petronas lobby with my Let’s-Embarrass-Toots kit.

People kept giving me looks. Like what… never seen a cow balloon before? They’re lucky I didn’t bring the sombrero hats.

Now, before you think Asma’ and I got her something from Louis Vuitton…. well we did. But just the box.

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*28-year old tears

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Well, it’s the thought that counts no?

So when I arrived at the lobby I messaged her phone.

“Jim the Clown is downstairs. Please come down NOWWW!”

“I’m in a meeting. Can’t.”


“Come on! Just say you’re going on a toilet break.”

No reply.

“Jim the Clown does not like to wait. He might come up to your floor if you don’t come down.”

She came down.

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We actually slipped something in that tissue box, so don’t worry, it wasn’t all that bad for birthday girl Toots. Deep down in our hearts, somewhere down there, we do love her after all.

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Dear best friend of almost 20 years, you really are a diamond in the rough. Kind to everyone even those who hurt you, strong as no one will ever know, and just downright amazing, people around you should know how lucky they are. I know I am one of the lucky ones. I wish you nothing but happiness and barakah in this life, and especially in the hereafter. Enjoy your LV box.