mariam’s labor story: the LV bag lady

April 27, 2015

You’ll have to read Mariam’s Labor Story Part 1 first.

See, normal people will have their epidural maybe at 5-6 cm dilation. Your Proudduck here on the other hand… not such a proud duck when it comes to pain. 1 cm and am already cursing the walls and floors and doors and windows for merely existing.

10 am:

“Hold on, let me get you a wheelchair, Madam,” the polite nurse says to me after I’ve begged her for epidural for the fifth time.

I was already walking out the living room door. “Jom, jom, let’s go labour room now. No time for wheelchair,” I pulled Dean’s hands as I paddled my way through the corridor, clenching my fist and my face probably so pale in pain. “Oh wait, don’t forget my phone please.”

In the labour room, there was another lady about to give birth. I had to pass her room to get to mine. Her door was open and I immediately saw her gorgeous LV bag on the counter. Oooohh, I thought to myself, nice colour. For that 5 seconds, I forgot about contractions.

10.15 am:

As the nurse was preparing the sheets for my labor bed, she told me about that lady next door about to give birth. “She came in at 9 cm dilated, and it was too late for us to give her an epidural. She’s on gas now for pain reduction.”

“9 cm dilated and just gas? Oohhh poor girl,” I sympathized while sipping the straw of my Yeo’s Lychee drink. Ahhh, nice and cold.


That wasn’t me, guys. That was the poor lady next door.

All my bodily hair even the ones on my toes just went 90 degrees. I jumped to hug Dean. “What on earth… omg I’m so scared for her… I want to cry… I’m so scared for me omg…”


There she goes again, my poor poor too-late-for-epidural-9-cm-dilated-now-maybe-9.5cm-dilated neighbor. She’s right behind this wall, guys! In soooo much pain. I could feel her pain omg. Her screams were really making my contractions stronger, I swear.

I hugged Dean even tighter. “I can’t listen to her give birth. I’m so scared. Please we have to change rooms,” I begged him.

10.30 am:

We managed to move to 2 rooms away from the poor lady about to give birth. I made doa for her, guys. Listening to her in so much pain… like wow, any woman would want to cross her legs shut. God bless her. And God bless whoever invented epidural.

The nurses brought some bread and jam for me to eat. Same menu as Daniel’s labor too. I smiled as I spread the raspberry jam on the slice of bread. There was the baby bed next to me.


I smiled at my huge belly thinking in just a bit, my little daughter is going to be born. I had butterflies in my tummy with excitement, I can’t wait to meet this little angel. She’s going to be put right there in just a few hours.

Then…. AHHHH!

Faintly, but surely…. “OMG IS THAT HER?! We can still hear her from here?! I told Dean and ran to the toilet. “I’m just going to stay in here until the epidural doctor comes.” I told him as I sat on the toilet bowl covering my ears through her screams.

“No no, that’s not her screaming, baby,” Dean comforted me nervously. I could tell he was shaken by it too. “That’s umm… her sneezing.”


“Chooo! Alhamdulillah,” Dean quickly exclaimed after. “See, see she’s sneezing.”


“Chooo! Alhamdulillah,” Dean did it again, holding my hand tight in the toilet. “See… wow, that’s a serious flu bug she has.”

“Nice try. I’m not leaving this toilet until the doctor comes.”

Then suddenly, the screaming stopped. And we heard a baby crying sound. “Awww her baby’s out,” Dean said to me, smiling. “Awww, Alhamdulillah for our neighbor. Her baby’s safely out….”

Great. Lucky chick. She’s done and I’m still here with my 1cm cervix, hugging walls and all.

10.45 am:


 Can barely type properly anymore.

11.15 am:

Epidural doctor finally came! I almost flung my hospital robe away so that he can stick the needle in my back quickly. He could tell I was in a lot of pain so there was no time for the how-are-you-oohhh-nice-weather-outside chit chat.

He did the epidural on me while I hugged Dean and instantly I felt a burden being lifted. I couldn’t feel the contraction pains anymore and I could finally sit smiling. I don’t know why people are so scared of the epidural, it really is just like getting a normal jab on your arm. I would really highly recommend just two things in life; shopping at FashionValet…. and taking the epidural.

Because of the epidural, I also had to have the IV drip (which seriously hurts more! I hate that thing).


Since I couldn’t walk anymore since I had tubes attached to me, I just rested on the bed with Dean by my side. He read the Quran and I too attempted to do so. But a few minutes later, I started to feel a bit funny…. Something was a bit off…..


Till the next and final part! I’m too sleepy to continue, plus it’s Monday workday tomorrow. Will finish the labour story soon! In the meantime, remember to take epidural.