working mom guilt

April 24, 2015

I’ve had such a hectic week, as you might have guessed with the lack of blogposts for a couple of days (I try to blog everyday!). Suddenly now, after returning to work full swing, my schedule has been filling up with meetings, sample previews from brands and shoots. Which is really awesome because I love being busy and I love my job. A lot is going on now, especially after our recent funding, and I hope to be able to blog about it all when I find the time.

But leaving work now is getting harder and harder. Not so much for Mariam (she really couldn’t care less what with all her busy schedule of sleeps all day -___-“), but definitely for Daniel. He is 20 months now and he loves to play with us, especially with Dean. They would laugh and roll over everywhere, enjoying each other’s company. While I’ll be there taking videos of them with one hand, and holding Mariam on the other.

So anyway, whenever we leave for work, Daniel will cry so much. Like proper tears streaming down his cheeks. He would hug our Dean’s legs, and go “Daddy, Daddyyyyyy,” and this will break Dean’s heart (remember, he is the weaker parent between us two). I am slightly stronger in this sense, but even so, it is still hard when I think about Daniel missing us. I’ve seen him walk into our bedroom and going Mommyyy? Daddyyyy? while looking for us even behind the curtains. Only to realise we have left. And then he would cry. It’s really hard because you want to be there for him but you still have to be at work.

I had an interview for Bella NTV7 this week talking about just this. The working mom guilt. I was the youngest mom there so of course the most inexperienced. I learned a lot from the other moms on the panel, and thought I should share that episode with other moms out there.


Wearing Shadow scarf from dUCk and PU3 organza sweater, both from FashionValet.

Hurry up and learn how to use the computer so Mommy can take you to work with me, Daniel.