washed out denim

May 9, 2015

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There are days in every woman’s life where you just want to feel like a rockstar chick. Not be one, just look cool like one. When I found this jacket on FashionValet, I was like woahhh what is this?! The lines, the fit, the zips and the washed out details, everything about it, it was just a piece of art! And I couldn’t believe the price! If this was an international designer, it would be worth thousands for sure. I was so happy to have bagged this jacket in my cart. Worth every cent!

Even happier to know that this jacket was made by our local university students. You guys should check out the whole collection on FV. To be able to support them in my own little way, from the very start of their future career… man, I felt like a proud rockstar!

Wearing Shadow satin silk scarf from dUCk (sold out but restock this Tuesday!) and jacket from LimKokWing Fashion Club, both from FashionValet