childhood snack sticks

May 20, 2015

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I recently got a bunch of these, one of my favourite snacks even from my childhood.


Remember Rocky? They changed their name back to the original one which is Pocky. (Just in case you thought they were different brands. Nope they’re the same!)

So anyway, you guys know how obsessed I am with flatlays right. I haven’t had the time to chill and do much, but it was a weekend and the kids were asleep. So this happened. Hehe.

IMG_6127IMG_6133 IMG_6139

I wanted to do more with this, but guess who woke up from his nap!


Sigh, just like Mommy. *insert that apple falling from tree not very far something something quote*

So I left him to it to work on my pink-themed flatlay.



He got them covered too.

Safely in his belly. Hehe.

I guess adults or kids, big or small, female or male, everyone loves this Japanese snack and I can see why. A generous portion in a compact packet that fits nicely in our handbags. And the fun pok-pok sound when you bite into them (did you know that’s why they named it Pocky in the first place?!), it’s pretty addictive.  And there are a lot of fun ways to eat them; some peel off the sweet layer first, some with some self-control bite bit by bit , while those without any self-control like my son here… shoves everything inside the mouth.

But the worst thing for us is….

….choosing which flavor to get! They have so many, it’s ridiculous trying to make decision at the supermarket. Chocolate, double chocolate, strawberry, green tea, milk, banana… and let’s not even start with their savoury snack sticks (pizza, original, gahhhh!). You might just end up getting all.


Hehe. Your friend here sure did.

But seriously, aptly taglined “Share Happiness! Share Pocky!” these snack sticks make awesome ice-breakers. I was in the cinema once waiting for the movie and beside me, the person didn’t have anything to eat (how do you watch a movie without snacking, I will never understand…). So I turned to him and offered, “Want one?”

He said no, but he kept eyeing me eat each stick until the whole thing finished. Bet he regretted saying no.  Don’t eksyen when someone offers you Pocky.