daniel and haircuts

May 4, 2015


Oh the time we dread the most with Daniel; cutting his hair.

Our parents keep bugging us to cut his hair and we keep telling them we want to keep it long and tie it up in a ponytail. Truth is, we are so nervous to bring him to the hairdresser because HE SCREAMS AND CRIES when people touch his hair. Or when he sees the scissors coming near. Scaredy-cat, this one. Just like his momma. You bring me to a dentist, I’ll make you a scene you will remember forever.

Anyway, we’ve been putting it off for a while. You know, doing a favour for the salon community and all its customers. But now that his fringe is already poking eyes and he’s starting to bump into walls and stuff, ok fine, it’s time to suck it up and go to the salon.

As we walk into the salon, I take a deep breath…. and send my telepathic sorry in advance.

  The moment Daniel saw the scissors and heard the hairdryers being used on the innocent people in the salon, he started clutching Dean real tight and squirm when Dean tries to put him on the seat. The guy had to hide his scissors first but still Daniel could sense the metal tool in his pocket. He climbed on to his dad and refused to let go off Dean’s neck, going “Nanak, nanak. No, no!” It literally was as if we were torturing him. Relax dude, we’re trimming your hair. It’s not like we’re telling you Hi-5 canceled their show or something, sheesh.

So I had to bring out the big guns; my phone ready with an episode of Hi-5.

The guy had to wrap the cutting hair cape thing around both Dean and Daniel since Daniel refused to let his dad go. And me? I’m that monkey dancing around to Hi-5 music in front of Daniel holding a phone to his face. Even so, Daniel was crying and shaking his head no while the hairdresser tried so hard to cut his hair without accidentally hurting Daniel with the sharp scissors. It was horrifying to watch because Daniel kept moving and the scissors is like an inch away from his head!

After what seemed like 5 years, the hairdresser (who had sweat on his face by now) finally got to trim all sections of Daniel’s hair. We had to tip him good. It’s only the right thing to do, poor kind soul.

Sigh, Daniel Azim Shah; the reason hairdressers want to rethink their career paths.