May 17, 2015

I think the one of the most stressful places to work at right now is FV. My poor team and I have been overworked to the bones and it’s always like this Raya time. Things heat up and our calendars are full with meetings and designer presentations and fashion shows, it’s really crazy I’m not even exaggerating. The heads of department look like they haven’t slept for a week and I say this with love. Haha.

Raya is undoubtedly the most challenging and at the same time most fulfilling time of the year in the Malaysian fashion industry. If you’re stressed planning one brand, imagine us at FV trying to plan the calendar for 300 brands, to make sure there are no clashes, delays and everything launches smoothly. And then we get a message “I’m so sorry, my supplier is late so I can’t launch on that date.” Like want to cry blood guys. Back to the drawing board, trying to switch dates here and there and every department has to be notified and change things accordingly within their department. It’s craycrayyyy! People think doing multi-label businesses is easy… fuhhh, be my guest, guys, be my guest. Many new execs have left because they couldn’t take the stress! FV is seriously not for the weak because work is crazy. Fun, but crazy.





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But love it or hate it, Raya is my favourite time of the year at FV. That’s when I see everyone coming together, communicating like they have never before, our phones beeping constantly, customers calling nonstop and warehouse filling to the brim.

As a business owner, seeing what you have built with such hard work from everyone, it’s just an amazing feeling of gratitude I can’t describe.

Anyway, for FV this year we have ramped up our services; we now have Live Chat for instant customer service.


A new customer hotline (+603 7733 4064), free returns (coming soon: our service will just pick up your parcel from your house so you don’t have to go to the post office), Cash on Delivery method round the clock, shipping services to more countries and more product offerings too!

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We also have new FV boxes as packaging and a limited edition Raya ones coming soon.

We are now preparing for our fashion show this Friday with media, VIPs, designers and celebs. Hope you’ve seen FV’s Instagram @fashionvaletcom to know how to get tickets (all you have to do is repost one picture!). FV is the official online portal for GAYA RAYA 2015 which is basically KL’s Raya fashion week organized by Andrews Models (the organizer for KLFW).

Bring on the Raya fever!


*takes a deeeeeep breath*

Tomorrow we launch our exclusive collaborations but for only a few short days at a 10% off discount. Don’t miss it on www.fashionvalet.com!