mariam is three months old

May 27, 2015

Can I please go on gushing mom mode for a while, guys?

I just literally had a 5 minute conversation with Mariam. Like for real, guys. I really think she understood me. I basically told her about my day and I think she was trying to tell me about hers. She was just going Gooo and Gaaa the whole time, but I get you, Mariam, I totally get you. Now she can hold eye contact for long and she smiles when you play with her. She’s such a smiley baby I can’t even.

She’s exactly three months today. I can’t believe it’s only been three months! I feel like I’ve had her forever!

mariam collage

I love you, baby girl. Wish I could bring you in my pocket all day.


Sorry, who’s this Daniel you’re talking about?

Hahahaha. I’m joking.

Daniel’s totally fine! And every morning he’ll kiss Mariam and when Mariam cries, he’ll go to her and say “Uh-oh….” It’s so so cute. I’m at the happiest point of my life right now and I thank the Almighty for all the blessings in life He is giving to Dean and I. Alhamdulillah for our two greatest treasures; Daniel and Mariam. Until they become teenagers and give us headaches (*hides in closet all day*), I’m going to enjoy every bit of this journey.