mariam’s labor story: the longest pee ever

May 7, 2015

Mariam’s labour story so far: Part 1 and Part 2.

Ok so where was I?

Induction, pain, screaming lady with nice lv bag, dancing in my toilet, epidural doctor coming to save my life.


11.30 am:

I’m starting to feel a bit woozy and I wanted to puke. Asked for any sugared drink for energy, Dean passed me the Yeo’s Chrysanthemum drink. Slurppppp. Ahhh a bit better. God bless you, Yeo’s.

The nurse checked my dilation and I was about 4 cm, she said. Still a long way to go I guess. (But I gave birth 3 hours later which is not too bad).

Dean continued reading the Quran next to me and he told me to just go to sleep. Contractions were going up and up on the graph next to me, but I could not feel a thing. I closed my eyes to sleep, thinking how on earth does someone invent the epidural… I mean, how do you test it? On real people? So you have to like jab real people for experiments? Man that’s horrible…. For those people la. For me, man I love it.

11.45 am:


I really thought I was paralysed. The last time with Daniel, I did not feel pain with epidural but I still felt my legs when I lift them up and all. But this time, I could not feel anything at all on my left leg. I couldn’t lift it up, and when I asked Dean to lift it up and let go, my left leg just dropped to the bed with a thud sound.

I turned pale thinking that this is the end of me and that I have paralysed my left leg with the epidural. I kept asking Dean to massage my left leg, hoping that blood will circulate and I will feel it again. But I couldn’t feel a thing. He was massaging me hard he said, but I don’t even feel the slightest pressure. I was so worried at this stage, closing my eyes praying to God to give me back my left leg. I could tell Dean was worried too.

I felt like puking.

12 pm:

I was feeling so so down. I needed Daniel to come, I told Dean. Daniel came with our moms and he came to visit me in the labour room. I had not seen him the night before and I was dying to have him in my arms.

When he came into the labor room, he looked at me so confused and he didn’t want to go near me. He looked scared and this made me cry.


But you know, gotta take a picture anyway, duh. The camera still goes on.

12.15 pm:

I asked Dean to go for lunch downstairs since I was only 5 cm dilated. He was reluctant to leave me but I said I’ll be fine. I could tell he was more worried about me this time than the previous time because I was more drugged up and I looked quite depressed.

When I was in the room alone, I cried. I was so scared about my leg, I was so sad to see Daniel looking so sad, and I was so nervous about having 2 children suddenly.

12.20 pm:

I started to think how life would be in a wheelchair if I never regain feeling in my left leg ever again.

12.25 pm:

Do they make designer wheelchairs?

12.26 pm:

I must be paralysed, I thought to myself while pinching my left leg. I cried some more and picked up the Quran. Need some comfort especially during this time.

1 pm:

Epidural doctor came to check on me and it turned out that he gave too strong a dose, making me feel so drugged up and weak. He took it down a notch and I was much better after a minute or two. I was a bit more cheerful and I could slowly feel my left leg. Not completely, but enough to make me forget about designer wheelchairs.

Family members came in to kiss me and wish me luck. Dean and I continued reading the Quran.

2 pm:

They said I was 9 cm dilated. My graphs were showing wild contractions but I of course didn’t feel a thing. This is it, it’s CRUNCH TIME!

“Are you going to cry?” I raised my eyebrow at Dean.

“Pfttt no,” he answered confidently. (Bawled like a baby when Mariam came out, btw)

“Madam, I need to empty your bladder yeah. Going to insert a thing in your thing and you will just automatically pee onto this basket.” I don’t remember what she said exactly but basically it’s pee time.

She did her thing, and within seconds, I could hear me pee. It was such a weird moment because I was peeing and I couldn’t feel it.

Peeing sound

“Wow, that’s a lot of pee, baby,” Dean said to me.

I could feel my cheeks burning with embarrassment.

Peeing sound still going on

“Fuhhh, did you drink an ocean or something?” Dean still went on with the jokes.

I was so so embarrassed. If I could feel it, I would definitely be holding in my pee now to save myself from the humiliation.

Peeing sound still going strong

“So umm… how was your lunch?” I made small talk to distract Dean but the peeing sound was so loud and the room was so quiet. Dang it where is that screaming LV lady when I need her!

Still peeing….

“Baby, this is kind of awkward…” Dean got uncomfortable.


The nurse wanted to laugh too.

Freaking stop peeing, Vivy!! I was telling myself. After what seemed like an hour, the peeing sound stopped. Apparently I filled the basket to the brim. Damn those Yeo’s drinks!

See this is the thing with labor and its process. There is just no chic way to push a baby out. Everyone will see your pee, your hoohaa, your butt, your boobs, your everythinggggg. You just have to be nice to the nurses so they don’t tweet about your cellulites.

2.15 pm:

Doctor came in and slipped on his gloves.

“You ready?” he smiled at me.



I really thought I could finish the labor story in three parts, but this seems long already. So I’ll just continue with one more part soon! Till then, I’m going to get some shut-eye. It’s almost 2 am!