monochrome yet again

May 28, 2015

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Monochrome. Is always my fall back plan when I have no idea what to wear, or just simply not inspired to dress up. It’s very tempting to add in a pop of colour (I almost left the house with red bag instead), but try to not give in to that temptation and keep the black-and-white-dont-care look.

I wanted to wear the sequin pants to work because it’s just so different and will definitely wake all my colleagues up (haha!) so I dressed it down with a loose white shirt. And my KL dUCk scarf, I thought, was the perfect ending to this look. We had an amazing 2-day preorder for the KL dUCks that ended yesterday, and if you were one of the ones purchasing, thank you for the support and hope you’ll love yours!

Wearing sequin pants from aere (available in black, gold and white, XS to XXL) from FashionValet. Shirt from Zara.