my second mother’s day

May 10, 2015

It was 11.30 pm. The kids were fast asleep and Dean and I were in the living room. Him with headphones on, probably watching news videos on the UK elections… or Game of Thrones, who knows (he has the same serious expression watching both!). Me, watching Kardashians on E!

Mother’s Day was in half hour so I was sure that he’s staying up to wish me at midnight. I smiled inside thinking how sweet he was. What a nice husband I have. Probably has some present hidden somewhere in the house. He does that everytime there’s a big event. Sometimes I see it but I just pretend to be surprised hehe.

We continued to do our own thing. Clock said 11.58 pm now.

Ooohhh 2 more minutes, then he’s going to say “Happy Mother’s Day, baby!!” 

11.59 pm.

He watched me glance at the time on my phone. He smiled at me. I smiled back knowingly.

Clock striked midnight.

I looked at him. His eyes were fixated on the computer screen. He probably didn’t know it’s midnight. I cleared my throat. He took off his headphones and said, “Sorry, did you say something?”

“Oh no no… I just had something in my throat.”

“Oh ok then,” he said and he put the headphones back on.

Ummm… did he not know it was midnight? Hmmm… it’s ok, I thought to myself, he’ll know it’s midnight soon.

I continued watching Kardashians, one eye always checking on him to see if he was checking the clock. No such thing. The only thing I got from him was a huge Whoaaaaa!!… Ok, he was watching Game of Thrones.

We went to bed, and still no wish from him.

Around the house, there were bouquets of flowers that people gave me as Mother’s Day gifts. Was he blind? How could he not know it’s Mother’s Day today?! How insensitive of him to not remember to wish me?! I was getting a bit annoyed. I mean, hello, I gave birth to his two children… what, I didn’t deserve a wish?!! I’m new to this Mother’s Day business, it’s only my second year, so I’m excited, ok? I guess I looked quite sad because he asked me, “Are you ok?”

Am I ok? My husband didn’t even wish me Happy Mother’s Day! AM I OK?!

“Yeah I’m fine.” I said curtly.

He came closer to me, “What’s wrong?”

“Well… you forgot it was Mother’s Day today. You didn’t say anything at midnight.”

I felt like a baby when I said that. But whatever mannnn, I wasn’t asking for much, I just wanted a wish of appreciation from my husband! All those nights sleepwalking to the kitchen to make Daniel’s milk at 2 am, eyes 3/4 closed changing Mariam’s diaper at 3 am, then milk again for her at 4 am… and still go to work during the day. Hello! Mother’s Day was once a year and just this one day out of three hundred sixty five, I JUST WANTED A WISH!

I totally merajuk-ed with him and just went to sleep.

The next morning, I was still giving him the silent treatment.

He came to me nicely, “Baby, I need to tell you something…”

“What is it?” I asked non-interested.

“There’s a reason why I didn’t wish you at midnight yesterday….” he started to explain.

“You forgot.” I answered for him.

“No… I didn’t wish you yesterday because Mother’s Day is not today. It’s tomorrow.”

Blood rushed to my cheeks, and I could tell I was feeling sooooo embarrassed. Crap, he was right. It was Saturday… Sunday was tomorrow! Omggggg why didn’t I bother to check before I made such a big deal out of this?! So not cool, woman! I was mentally hitting myself in the head.

What do I say now?

“Umm yeah, so? Mother’s Day is everyday. You should wish me everyday,” and I walked to the kitchen leaving Dean to laugh at me.

So so embarrassing.

Moving onnnnn…. I had an awesome Mother’s Day today (Sunday, the actual day…) spent with my little family.

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I stayed home to spend time with my two little gems and it was so much fun. Daniel said Mommy for the first time today (usually he just says Meee) so it was definitely a special day for me. Mariam? Well she’s still sleeping. I’ll try again tomorrow.


Hope you got the date right.

*smacks own forehead*