negotiating with mariam

May 18, 2015


The kids went to sleep (finally!) so I opened my laptop. Ok work mode. Went to get a drink from the kitchen. Came back and sat down to really focus and dig in. I had so many emails starred that I was planning to settle all of them tonight.

Suddenly I saw movements from Mariam’s cot.


Go back to sleep, go back to sleep, go back to sleep… I was sending telepathic messages to my daughter. I mean, as a mom, I must have some sort of psychic bond with my child no?

Ekk…ekkk… Mariam started making soft sounds.

Go back to sleep, go back to sleep, go back to sleep… I thought faster and harder. This telepathy thing isn’t working!!

And there she went… all out with the crying. Waaaaaa… waaaaa!

Sigh. I walked over to her cot, determined not to pick her up and give in. I need to start training this one early that she can’t expect to be picked up at every sound she makes. I read it somewhere, I swear I am not making this up like a mean mom.

“Hi Mariam,” I started talking to her. “Mariam, look at Mommy. Here, here, Mommy is over here.” 

Finally she opened her eyes, looked at me and started to make a crying face.

“Ah ah no no Mariam. Don’t make that face. Hey Mariam, Mommy wants to finish up a bit more of my work. Would you mind going to sleep, baby girl? Before I go to sleep, we can have another feed and then we can both go to sleep again together ok? Can you do this for Mommy, baby girl? You go back to sleep for now, ok?”

I felt like it was a big negotiation, but I was very tired so I’ll do anything. If offering to buy her nice shoes can help her fall back to sleep, heck, I’d do it!

Mariam stared at me with her eyes big and round.

“Mariam good girl, right? Mariam let Mommy do some work, ok? After this, Mommy will hug you to sleep yeah, baby?” I smiled at her.

And guess what!

Like a miracle just happening before me, she smiled back.

And closed her eyes.


Just like that!!!

I stood there, in disbelief.

Did that just happen?

Omg I knew it. I have magical powers. I can talk to babies.

I was so excited I couldn’t wait to tell Dean, but he was in the shower. I looked around to see who else I could brag and gloat to, but everyone else was asleep. Dangg!!! Why is no one here to witness the awesomeness that just happened? I literally talked Mariam into going back to sleep. That’s pretty news worthy, guys.

Dean came out shortly after.

“Baby!!! Mariam was crying and I talked her into going back to sleep. And she did.”

Dean looked at me and laughed, “Yeah right. Good one, baby.”

What the….

Ugh, whyyyy… Whyyyy didn’t I install cameras in my living room.