timeless surprise

May 29, 2015

Dean and I do EVERYTHING together. We wake up together, we go to work together, we have each other’s daily schedules, we eat together, we pray together, we go to sleep together. It’s pretty daunting when I list them one by one like this hahaha. But really, we’re the best of friends and we tell everything to each other.


So how on earth did I not know that he was going to see a designer in secret… to make a dress for me?!!

I was quite surprised because I have no idea how it would look like or if he even knew my style?! To be completely honest I was really nervous. I don’t think he really notices my style but I guess he does! Well, maybe not the fashion details, but Dean says that men are always inspired by the elegance that a woman carries in herself. Let’s see how “elegant” I am in his eyes.


It was the sweetest thing ever, guys. You may or may not know that he is the person behind my ootds.


I get asked a lot who takes all my OOTD pictures and most of the time, it’s my beloved husband. From knowing nothing about photography, he self-taught himself big words like aperture and shutter speed, just so he can get good pictures for my blog. Seriously, I couldn’t ask for more.

But now, he has a lot on his plate with our businesses, so when I ask him to take my pictures he groans like it’s a chore. (Well, I guess it is a chore haha). He couldn’t care less about whether or not my outfit goes together or whether a top should have a front peplum or side peplums (they’re different yeah, boys?!).  Normally, he’ll just go yeah yeah nice and just click when asked. Haha. I keep telling him what I like and what I don’t in my outfit, but I always feel it goes into one ear and out the other.

So you can imagine my surprise when I found out he joined a secret project with Downy Timeless to design me a dress from scratch.

Instead of me blabbing more about it, just watch the entire story.


It was a beautiful offwhite dress with a little bit of lace and tweed. Simple and elegant, as he described it. Then, to dress it up a bit, he designed a detachable organza cape and I really felt like a queen in it. He knows I like versatility in my choices, so the with or without cape element was so spot on.


It was beautiful.



But they had pictures of his previous meetings with designer Ashraff Zainal, so I believed him.



The only thing Dean got wrong was my measurements. He thought I was fatter than I actually am. -___-“ Ashraff had to take the dress in a little bit.


But mannn I was so happy anyway with it all. Felt like it was all a dream. I almost cried at the boutique. I wanted to just give him a hugeeee kiss when he presented me with the dress but Ashraff Zainal was there and a big camera crew… so umm, I refrained from making them all puke.

But it really made me think about a relationship between a man and his woman. Most men act like they don’t listen or maybe they’re not good with showing, but deep down, they actually mentally took down all the points!

IMG-20150510-WA0011 IMG-20150510-WA0013

When he was interviewed, Dean described my style as elegant. (His words, not mine ok!). When I heard him answering them, I was like What do you know about elegance?! Pfttt. I was acting all tough, but inside I was seriously touched listening to what my husband thinks of me. Awww, he thinks I’m elegant *blush*

 What he said was along these lines.

Everytime I see my wife, she radiates with glow, like a piece of art.

My wife is like a garden in full bloom.

My wife is a tastemaker who inspires others to be elegant

What. On. Earth? He doesn’t even talk like that to me!! But it was nice reading his answers.

I know Dean likes the girly girl type. The one who speaks softly, moves gently and wears timeless pieces. He doesn’t fancy the “rough and loud” kind of women, so I try to emulate what he envision his wife to be as best as I can. Nice to know I’m going the right path, according to his answers! Hehe.

This goes to my choice of clothes all the way to how they smell!

For me, I’ve mentioned several times, my choice of fabric softener is always Downy. As part of their Parfum Collection, they now release their latest- Downy Timeless. They come in a classic white packaging and has an enchanting white floral scent wrapped in the softness of musk and sandalwood. It represents the classic and elegant style that never dates and it will be a scent that will be relevant today and tomorrow too.


Added to cart! Going to only wash the dress he made me with these Downy babies.

Great news, btw!

You too can get a classic elegant dress from designer, Ashraff Zainal and Downy Timeless by joining the contest!


Step 1: Take a photo in your most classic white dress


Step 2: Define in the caption what elegance means to you


Step 3: Tag your entry with the hashtag #DownyTimeless and #Clozette


Step 4: Ensure that your Instagram account is set to “Public”

Go to www.clozette.co/downytimelessmy for more info.