what women agree on

May 27, 2015

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We all might disagree on things… but there is one thing that everyone likes.

EVERYONE will like this.

Can you guess?

No, not ice cream, sillyyyyy!

Guess some more…

Yes exactly!!


Every woman will agree that they all want the best deal possible.

So Tesco is having their “Lebih Jimat” campaign now till end of May and I just had to go and stock up for my home. Every smart wife/mom/woman knows the best deals in town for grocery and here I want to share one that I found.

If you’ve been to Tesco and you don’t know about this…. Then ummm, get your eyes checked. Cos look! So big and bright they inform you at the entrance early on.


If you already know about this, then you can give me a big yawn. Hehe. Sorry la, I’ve been busy at work. We’ve just been eating whatever we find in the fridge that hasn’t expired.






Let’s go!


I was so excited to see the essential things in the kitchen going on the lowest price ever compared to anywhere else in Malaysia. My laundry stuff, diapers, pads, milo packets, even my kicap is on sale ok! I kept going Thank you Tesco, Thank you Tesco the whole time. Haha.




Nutella was on sale too guys!! One for me… one for Dean… one for Daniel…


The best grocery shopping spree ever.

One thing I can cross off from my To-Do list.

Now gotta go back to the office in peace!