working from home

May 12, 2015

Photo on 5-12-15 at 12.52 PM #2

It’s 1 pm. I haven’t showered, I am still in my pajamas, my floor is filled with toys, Mariam is crying from her cot, Daniel is tugging at my leg asking me to go get Koko Krunch for him from the kitchen. One hand is on the phone desperately trying to reply whatsapp messages that have come flooding in since morning with work issues, and one hand is holding Mariam’s milk bottle because I was on the way to go feed her.


So anyway, Daniel caught the flu from his cousins and so I’m staying home today with him.

“I’ll just work from home today, then,” I told Dean, who is technically my boss.

“Yeah that’s good. I’m sure you’ll get a lot done.”

“Yep!” I said as I kissed him off at the door.

Get a lot done… huh, he’s cute for thinking that.

Hours have passed and I’m still drafting the reply from my first email of the day. I have 25 more unopened from this morning. A lot of starred emails I have to revisit as well. I don’t even want to think about the messages on my phone. I can already see from the notifications messages like “Sorry to rush you but…” and “V, you there?” and “Could you please send me…”. Gah!

People think being an entrepreneur is hard… but try being a mompreneur. I think that’s crazy hard. It’s only my first day trying to work from home (pantang didn’t count) and I can’t get anything done! Every few minutes, Daniel will come to me wanting me to do something with him. When I get to sneak away for a while, Mariam will start making noise wanting to be picked up. By the time I’m done with Mariam, I have to prepare lunch for Daniel, feed him, pick up rice pieces on the table, and end up smelling like the fried fish that I served. I can bug the nanny but she’s busy ironing and looking very pleased to be doing that, may I add.

The kids are both asleep now, thank God for creating naptime.

You’d think I’d start on my work now. But really, the only thing I want to do now is shower.

Work from home. 

There is no such thing, guys, there is no such thing.