diana’s coco

June 29, 2015

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When Diana Rikasari agreed to collaborate with FashionValet for a Raya collection, I was literally jumping up and down and messaging the team “SHE SAID YESSSS!”. It was as if I proposed and the girl said yes, teehee. You have no idea how much I admire her sense of style, her quirkiness, her boldness and her full-of-life aura. I just loveeee her.

When she came up with the 88LoveLife book, I think she hit home with a lot of girls out there including myself. Her inspirational and positive quotes became motivation for so many of us, it’s no wonder how this book is always top of the chart in bookstores in Indonesia and Malaysia.


For her interpretation of Raya, she wanted something fun yet classy. Her inspiration was Chanel hence the classiness and even the colours she chose were colours I’ve seen on Chanel, but infused with Diana Rikasari’s quirkiness. There are 5 designs to choose from, named after things related to Chanel, in 2 colours each from XS to XXL so I’m sure you’ll find one (or even five!) that you might like. Working with her was tough only because she is in another country, so a lot of whatsapps back and forth and tweaking designs until we got the right one! So I really hope you’ll like the final 10 from Diana Rikasari for FashionValet.

I’m wearing the Coco, which is Diana’s favourite.