feeling complete

June 7, 2015

I had such an awesome weekend being nothing else but a MOM and a WIFE. I have been feeling extra guilty towards the kids because Dean and I have been coming home late everyday. So this weekend, we put our laptops away in hibernation and focused solely on our family. Well, we had some weddings and events of close friends but we made everything short because we couldn’t wait to get home.

Today, for a nice Sunday brunch, we visited my friend’s new cafe CaloriesKL in Hartamas. Nothing was any different today with Daniel and Mariam, but being with them without any helpers just made my life feel so… complete. I really was the happiest woman just now with my husband, my 2 kids, and good food. Feeding pasta to Daniel myself from start to finish without having to rush, soothing a crying Mariam myself, running around after Daniel myself, even having drool all over my clothes… felt weirdly nice. Sometimes we chase career in life which I think is a good thing, but I’m teaching myself to also never underestimate family time too. Because that short one or two hours just now was really the highlight of my week.

Hope you had fun with your families too!

We even managed to squeeze in some time to ootd me. Dean’s work plate is pretty full these days that I never ask him anymore to take my outfit photos because I know he doesn’t have the time. But today is Sunday. It’s also listen-to-wife day.

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Wearing Apple Crush scarf from dUCk, cardigan from FV BASICS (in black or grey XS to XXL), top from Shopatvelvet, the coolest sandals from Melissa Shoes (in black or blue), watch from Daniel Wellington and a bucket bag from MISCHA (comes in several colours). All via FashionValet