June 27, 2015

I can’t contain it any longer guys. I tried to be all cool and like Mmm yeah next step whatever… but no ok. It’s a HUGE DEAL TO ME.

FV’s first ever popup store!!!!!! 

Like a proper physical store, guys. We will be having this popup store in Bangsar Village (Ground Floor baby!!!) and after that our permanent store will be a much bigger space upstairs. It’s so freaking exciting I don’t even know where to begin!!

So basically, these past 5 years everyone is talking about e-commerce and how it’s the next new thing and all. We believe that fully and we still think Malaysia online shopping hasn’t reached its peak. BUT over the years, we still get a LOT of requests to come to our office to touch and feel the items etc (which we unfortunately can’t allow because all the items are packed in the warehouse). People still need to touch and feel, they say, and I guess that’s fair. I personally am a big believer of online shopping and I’d choose online over offline. I can already see the comparison between dUCk when we sell online at FV and when we sell offline at bazaars. The numbers don’t even come close because online can accommodate limitless transactions worldwide in one minute, whereas a store will have limitations geographically for potential customers and physically for more store space.

But this isn’t about me. Now that we have a bit more cash pumped into FV via our recent funding, we can afford to have a physical store which runs together with our online store. Online will still be our main cashcow but it’s also good to have offline points. Even though I love online more, this isn’t just about what I love. This is about FV as a business and what’s good for the business right now is for us to open a physical store to (a) accommodate customers’ requests (b) get more sales, of course but also (c) to have our stamp of branding physically because not everyone shops online.

The team has been working on this for a while and finally, INSYAALLAH, we will open TOMORROW as our first day. I’ve gotta say… the thrill of seeing your company logo printed on something that big… Masyaallah, only God knows how I felt.



IMG_2075 IMG_2095 IMG_2098 IMG-20150625-WA0076 IMG-20150626-WA0080

IMG-20150626-WA0081 IMG-20150627-WA0001 IMG-20150627-WA0017

IMG_2111 IMG-20150626-WA0082


Nervous, excited, scared, can’t-freaking-wait… all!

I expect glitches tomorrow as it will be our first day running the store, so if you happen to be there, please bear with us amateurs! See you tomorrow in Bangsar Village, hopefully. I’ll be at the cashier…. #dreamcometrue