fv’s first pop-up store

June 30, 2015

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Wearing FV staff jumper paired with Blue Icicle Georgette scarf from dUCk (new colours launching this Thursday!) and pants from VenaiseKL, both available at FashionValet. Sunnies from Rayban, bag from Anya Hindmarsh and shoes from Manolo Blahnik.

FV’s pop-up store opened yesterday in Bangsar Village mall!


It was sooooo exciting and the whole team were all in positive spirits. Our first store ever of many more, Insyaallah. We kept messaging each other “How’s it going?” “Are you guys ok?” “What has sold?” like every few minutes. It really felt like the first day FV website opened for business. The nerves omggg. We opened on a Monday which is a workday so obviously the mall was pretty quiet. We were like “Why is no one coming?!! CRYYYYYY!” but Alhamdulillah traffic picked up and it was a blessing that there was no rush because we could manage the crowd a bit better. And Alhamdulillah, we surpassed our sales target for the day, so phewwwww. I even met customers from Brunei and Singapore who came down for us and ahhhh the feeling of gratitude just overwhelmed me.

To keep things exciting, we will be changing brands and products in the store every week. So there will be a rotation of featured brands! Do let me know which brands you’d like to see so we can slot them in asap.

I felt so much pride wearing this jumper I didn’t want to take it off even in public. I even had to fight with this lil one because he wouldn’t take it off either!

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Our youngest employee ever.