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June 29, 2015


It’s been 3 years since this! Today is our 3 years wedding anniversary and that means 3 amazing years of my life being a wife to this amazing man. People think my life is “perfect” and quite honestly with him, it really is. He makes me laugh every single day and even after more than 8 years of being in love, we love nothing more than to sit on the couch, watch some funny series and eat ice cream straight from the tub (one each, of course. We don’t share.). I thank God for giving me a husband who really is like my soulmate.

Over the years he has done so many things for me, big and small. After marriage, the ummmm big gestures have reduced pftttt. But he totally surprised me this year by secretly designing a dress for me with designer Ashraff Zainal via the Downy Timeless campaign.

I literally had no idea he was doing this and now everytime I look at the dress, I am reminded that he really does love me. (Husbands, start your engines and please go design a dress for your wife now. Hehe.).

Washing the dress is an important thing for me because since it’s such a special one, I’m not just going to treat it like any other garment of mine. For this dress, I chose none other than the Downy Timeless fabric conditioner. I’m completely in love with it that I started using it for everything I have to wash.


You can find Downy Timeless in any major supermarket.

Unlike any other of its peers, Downy Timeless has this classic scent that just reminds me of timeless elegance. From its white packaging to the way it makes you feel when you wear the clothes, it just oozes elegance. Diamonds, pearls, silky softness, poise… all things associated to elegance, Downy just fits right in there. With its understated floral scent, I think anyone who tries it will see that it can transform them to appreciate elegance and beauty a bit more. It really is a special one, that’s why I was more than happy to be a part of this campaign.

To make other women out there feel beautiful and elegant, they are also giving a prize of a FREE DRESS designed by Ashraff Zainal. So you too can get a dress like mine here!

The Downy Timeless contest has been running and will end ON TUESDAY! So if you haven’t submitted your entry, you just have to asap! Any white outfit of yours? Just post it up, define elegance in your own words and tag #DownyTimeless and #Clozette.

I was browsing through the entries and found these as some standout ones!

Screenshot_2015-06-29-05-34-35 Screenshot_2015-06-29-05-35-06 Screenshot_2015-06-29-05-35-14 Screenshot_2015-06-29-05-35-31 Screenshot_2015-06-29-05-35-48

Hope to see your entry soon as contest ends 30 June (TOMORROW)!